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Mary Jane Mapes believes that People Ignite Greatness. However, not everything is wine and roses in the real world. There are also Pesky Incessant Gripers, Painfully Intolerable Gasbags, Pompous Inane Glory-hounds, or Pretty Influential Guys/Gals who struggle to connect and make their best impact. The truth is that everyone has a P.I.G. who has kept them up at night, wondering, "How do I deal with this person to meet my goals?"

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As the creator of The P.I.G. Perspective – Taking Business Relationships and Results Higher Through Deeper Connections™, Mary Jane Mapes is fiercely committed to guiding leaders and sales and service professionals in industries ranging from healthcare to financial services to direct selling companies to increase sales, productivity, and profitability through personal responsibility. Success takes root to grow and prosper when People Ignite Greatness, first within themselves and then within others.

With infectious energy, humor and authenticity, Mary Jane Mapes weaves a memorable narrative that resonates within the hearts and actions of every audience member, long after the standing ovation has subsided. Each year, this in-demand speaker presents at association meetings, corporations, and conventions, stimulating audiences to achieve new levels of professional and personal growth.

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You CAN Teach a PIG to Sing!

"Wow! You CAN Teach a Pig to Sing is excellent! This book can help you deal with difficult people in very practical ways. Mary Jane Mapes not only demonstrates what the problems are, but how to deal with them. Mapes concept of the Cape of Acceptance is one you won't want to miss! This one concept alone can profoundly change your interaction with even the most difficult person."

— Terry Brock, syndicated columnist, marketing coach
& member of the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame

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